Thursday, 1 November 2012

My name is Jason Miller and I am from a small place in England called Watford. I was brought up on comic books and rock n' roll. When I was young my family would ask me wanted I wanted to be, my response... A comic book artist, nothing else really crossed into my mind. Along with my love of comic books, I developed a love for horror, thanks to my grandfather who used to try and get me to bed early by showing me a horror movie, that movie was A Nightmare On Elm Street. Problem was that it had the reverse effect on me, rather than scaring me to bed, it opened my eyes to a new world, that I have become obsessed with until this day.

I am a freelance artist. I work primarily in the world of horror and Sci-fi, but I am not restricted to this. I am also the creative force behind Shock Horror Magazine, a bi-monthly UK horror publication. Designing the layout and creating art for each issue.

If you are interested in hiring me or commissioning me to produce a piece of artwork please get in touch on the 'Contact' tab.